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Guaranteed to Run

Tight calendar? Last-minute need?
Be confident in your schedule when you choose one of our Guaranteed to Run class dates.

Teams with at least six people interested in a specific course can also request a date confirmation or discuss private training options by contacting our Client Support team at 929.777.8102 or emailing [email protected].


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Disclaimer: Coveros and/or TechWell will not be liable for failure to hold the aforementioned event if such failure is as a result of Acts of God, war, fire, actual or credible threats of terrorism, or government regulations including curtailment of transportation facilities, civil unrest, labor dispute, pandemics, or interruption of electricity, telephone, internet service, or other situations or events making the event illegal or impracticable to run. Coveros and/or TechWell is not responsible for reimbursement for any monies spent on travel or other accommodations due to unforeseeable cancellation under this clause. Contact our Client Support team at 929.777.8102 to learn more.

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